Amazonite - The guide to your inner truth?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

An often understated crystal, amazonite is surprisingly favoured more by the new-age community than by jewellers these days. And yet, it was used in ancient Egypt as a gemstone of high status and an amulet of protection.

One can only assume that the name is derived from the beautiful colours that resemble the Amazon river and the lush greenery around it because deposits are not found in the Amazon at all.

* As a buyer of amazonite today, it's worth being aware that it is often mis-sold as amazonite jade, when in fact it has no connection to jade at all. You can also find pieces that are dyed to enhance the colour. This doesn't have any impact on the healing properties of the stone, but I know that some people don't like their crystals to be enhanced in any way.

With so many uses, I have to suggest that amazonite should definitely be present in your crystal collection - particularly in this modern age where we are surrounded by electromagnetic pollution, and where geopathic stress seems to be the norm.

It's a great crystal for dispelling negative energies, gets you to the crux of what is going on for you when meditating with it, and helps to resolve our inner conflicts.

* One property I have yet to test, is that it helps with tidiness! So, pop some in your child's bedroom, and let me know if it's worth buying a few more pieces for my own two nippers!

For those who use their crystals for physical healing, amazonite offers support with cell regeneration after illness or injury, making it useful for all manner of situations. On an emotional level, the soothing, calming energies that it offers help to alleviate things like stress, anger, worry, and turn them into more positive aspects. Given the colour, you'll not be surprised to know that it resonates with both the heart and the throat chakras. Blockages in these areas can be resolved with amazonite, and we can find it easier to speak our truth.

What I most love about amazonite though, is the amazing state of meditation it can bring you to. And whilst in this state, you can access the current state of play of your mind, body, and spirit. This gives you a blueprint of what is going on, what needs to be done, and what is functioning well. Let's face it, I'm sure we'd all like a little more clear-cut guidance on what's going 'wrong' at the moment, and perhaps a little confirmation that we're doing some things 'right', too.

Kat x

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