Flower Agate - What lies beneath the surface!

The benefits of agate, as a general, are as far-reaching as any crystal I've ever worked with. Yet, despite the beautiful layers that present themselves in an array of gorgeous colours, it's never been my favourite crystal. It has worked its way into almost all of the crystal therapy sessions over the last 16 years, and yet, as much as I admire its beauty, its powerful strength, and the bond that builds over time, I won't ever hear myself raving about it.

That is until Flower Agate appeared!

I first saw this crystal sitting demurely on a shelf at the crystal warehouse, surrounded by a vast collection of brightly coloured crystals, and would have been forgiven, I'm sure, for missing it. Only, I didn't miss it. In spite of the softness of its pinks and beiges, the gentle blossom of the chalcedony clusters within the agate caught my eye and ever since, I can't seem to get enough of it.

I can honestly say that I have bought more of this type of crystal, in different shapes and sizes, than any other crystal I've bought before.

It's a recent find, in 2018, from Madagascar, though there are deposits elsewhere in the world. And because of the inclusions which resemble cherry blossoms, giving it its other name, cherry-blossom agate, it is proving very popular among carvers. I know this, because I already have moons, stars, hearts, points, free-forms, tumbles, nuggets, in my personal collection, and there are more on my shopping list, just waiting to come home to me.

So, why am I attracted to it like no other crystal has attracted me in years?

The last one that came close to this was fluorite, and before that rhodocrosite. Both of which made huge roads to healing the past and nurturing me into the future. Flower agate, therefore, must have some significance for me. An attunement was required!

What I discovered was very comforting indeed. What I don't need in my life right now, given all the physical challenges I'm currently experiencing, is another heart-wrenching epiphany and clearing! Well, I'm pleased to say, that's not why this beauty has come into my life.

It is actually here to help us get our mojo on track. You know, that place where you feel like you're on a roll. You're doing your own thing, you're feeling focused, your mind is full of inspiration and creativity and you've actually got the drive to do it. I've felt my mojo out of whack for a few months now, not least because of a disc issue in my back and Covid striking the household. When you're caught up in physical 'survival' mode, you can kind of get distracted from your soul path. So, to hear from one of my new flowery friends that I am to be directed back to where I want to be is a relief.

What also stands out for me when having a 'chat' with my crystal, is that my current state has all had a purpose. Now, I've been well aware that everything has a purpose, for a long time. However, I still get caught in the trap of 'why can't I just get past this' or 'what am I doing wrong that makes me deserve this'. Believe me, I'm not the finished article. With each challenge life has brought me, it has been a pattern of going into that state of 'wtf' before I come out the other side saying, 'ahhh now I get it'. This challenge is no different. And you know what? It's always a crystal that helps me over that last hurdle of what I like to call 'negative ninny syndrome'.

So I'm excited. I've got a bucket load of flower agate at the ready, and mojo is mine for the reclaiming.

Want to join me?

Pop by the webshop, search for 'flower agate' and see what flowery goodness we've got in stock today! Kx

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