Go forth and smudge!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

At a time when we're in the home than ever before, energies can become stifling and listless. The presence of more people in the house, the worries and concerns about family, health, work, and money, and having to spend longer periods of time with those we live with, all have an impact on the vibrations of our home. The simple act of opening and closing the front door as we may be working less, if at all, or shopping less frequently, means that there is a significant decrease in the movement of air-flow.

Tell-tale signs of stagnant energy can include arguments, lack of interest, disrupted sleep patterns, and even physical issues such as headaches and lethargy.

The restrictions we have all faced over recent months as a result of the pandemic are just part of our current way of life, so we must find ways to get things moving.

So, what can you do?

One way to counter this sluggish feeling in the home, is to smudge!

Ah, the beautiful fragrance of sage or palo santo, wafting through the home. I love it!

But what if you've never smudged before?

Or maybe you have, but felt like you didn't have a clue what you were doing.

Here's a quick guide to encourage a fresher, lovelier feeling within the home, using a smudge stick.

But first.....

What is smudging?

Simply put, smudging is the energetic cleansing of a space, inviting in clear, positive energy. Most often, smudging is done by burning plant material, and the smoke that is created fills the air, purifying the space.

The use of smoke as an offering has been used in many ancient faiths and religions and cultural traditions, including Buddhism and Native American tribes, in a variety of different rituals and ceremonies. It's used today for many of the same sorts of rituals, but cleansing a space to create that more positive vibration is probably the most popular use for incense, in general.

Have to hand.....

To create the build-up of energy during a smudging ritual, its useful to make sure you have everything to hand.

●A smudge stick of your choosing

●Lighter or a lit candle for relighting the smudge stick

●Fireproof container to catch embers

●Bowl of sand to extinguish the smudge safely

Be sure to have plenty of time to do a full smudge of the home if that's what's required, or focus on a sacred space, or somewhere you feel is particularly stagnant. You must never feel rushed. Remember, your intentions play a large part in a cleansing ritual. Take time to think about what it is you wish to achieve from performing a cleansing, which energies you want rid of, but more importantly, what type of feeling you are wanting to create!

Let's begin!

Start at the front door. Light the smudge with your lighter, or light a candle with the intention of using the candle flame to ignite the smudge stick. Take the fireproof container with you to catch any ashes or embers that may fall from the smoldering smudge, and relight it as needed.

As you begin to walk around the home, take your time, and move round the home in a clockwise direction. You can recite an intention, a prayer, or a mantra as you go, if you wish, to build up the positive energies.

I like to open windows as I go, allowing the old energies to be released from the house. And don't forget to include all those areas that aren't necessarily used that often. The less frequently a space is used, the more listless the energy can become within that space. Include closets and all those nooks, crannies and dark corners, basements, conservatories, utility rooms and alike.

If you reach a staircase in your clockwise movement around the home, go up the stairs as you meet them, then continue the clockwise clearing on the upper floor. When you reach the stairs again, head down and continue with the clockwise movement back on the ground floor until you reach the front door, where you began.

Finish the smudging ritual by repeating your intention again and see your home being filled with light.

Extinguish the smudge safely in the bowl of sand.

Even a small stick of smudge will last you a good while, so keep it for the sole purpose of cleansing your home. If you like to use a smudge stick for cleansing your crystals, or before a meditation, use a different one for that purpose. You may even prefer to have different types of smudge sticks depending on what you're using it for.

This cleansing ritual can be performed as often as you feel it's required. I like to do a cleansing at each new moon to begin the lunar cycle with a fresh energy as I invite in new goals and intentions. But, work with whatever cycle suits you best.

The smudge you choose is entirely your choice. I love sage, but some find it heavy and intense. You can even make your own and include your favourite herbs and flowers. Lavender and cedar make a beautiful fragrance!

You could even research the significance of different plant materials to see what suits your intentions the most.

Now, go forth and smudge. And enjoy!