New Moon in Capricorn

The new moon approaches, here in the UK at 5am on Wednesday, and we see the moon is in Capricorn. Even more than usual at this time of year, we may be drawn to look back at the last 12 months and acknowledge just how we've developed. On reflection, perhaps you'll see just how much your priorities changed and it may mean that your intentions for the year ahead are a stark contrast to those you set at this time last year.

Always an earthly influence, Capricorn really encourages us to connect with our ancestors and the Earth. This will come in useful because of some significant cosmic dynamics. More changes may be coming your way and they could be quite unsettling, so remember your roots, stay grounded, and remember that you've got this!

A January new moon has amazing energies that focus on our motivation and confidence. It is a great time to be trying something new and for tying up loose ends on tasks that may have been requiring your attention.

Look back at what you may have put to one side because it felt a little too challenging. Maybe now it's time to revisit it. Perhaps an idea or project you were really keen on putting into action didn't pan out the way you expected. It could be time to revisit that.

As always, new moon energy is perfect for setting those new intentions. Get them written down so that they are given even more purpose. I love to return to my intentions each time I sit down in front of my altar, to affirm and, in some case, adjust them.

Create some positive affirmations to repeat when you're meditating. It can amplify the energy you're putting into your intentions and make you feel 'active' in your meditation.

There are a few examples for you here but have a go at creating your own. It will make it much more personal, giving it more power.

Enjoy the energies that are approaching, stay grounded, stay motivated, and stay magickal! Kx

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