The golden light that guides me through indecision.....

When deciding which crystal to choose for the Crystal Showcase Subscription crystal of the month, I can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed at the choice. I mean, there are how many crystals to choose from? And even in my own collection, if I were to focus only on crystals that I'd used regularly for the last 15 years, I'd still be choosing from an arsenal of about 90. What came to me for October, was a little bit of a curveball. A crystal that I'd seen, sold in the shop, but not used myself because it didn't appeal. And then, as they do, it came to me in abundance, and suddenly I just want to use it for everything! The timing of it is perfect, of course, and I have found yet another crystal friend to add to my working crystal collection. The crystal, if you are not a subscriber of the Crystal Showcase newsletters, is Golden Healer Quartz. A crystal that exudes the golden ray of energy from its very core. A beautiful crystal that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

A little like Merlinite, it's a crystal that has been given the marketing name Golden Healer, as a way of describing some of its properties, but it is essentially quartz that has an iron oxide inclusion. The presence of iron oxide will always have an effect on a gemstone, even the Master Healer, Quartz. And in this case, it amplifies an already very powerful crystal, further.

I love the beautiful orange-red colour of the iron running through this crystal. For me, it adds another dimension to quartz, and whilst some will feel it connects to the solar plexus chakra and perhaps even the root chakra, I feel it strongly connects to the sacral chakra, the centre of relationships.

Using Golden Healer quartz on the sacral chakra can help give you perspective when it comes to family matters. This is no miracle cure. It won't suddenly make your family all wonderful and a pleasure to be around (if they're not already), but it will help you deal with their way of being and stop you from falling into those cycles of arguments, and 'who's side are you on' kind of predicaments.

If you find yourself drawn into those kinds of situations, it can sometimes feel like you're the intended target, and you can begin to take things a little too personally. Having the energy of Golden Healer quartz with you, or using it to work out the kinks in your perspective, can give you the strength to remove yourself from the situation or, at the very least, see it from its true perspective.

Even after 15 years of working directly with crystals, I am still amazed by the timing of their arrival in our lives. This particular gem came to me at a time when I was feeling rather overwhelmed by indecision, and not knowing which route to take. After attuning to it, I know that it will be with me in my working kit for clients who are dealing with sacral chakra issues, but I also have a piece just for me. One that will be my guiding light, much like the lantern of the Hermit tarot card, giving me an insight into all those dark corners of my mind where the answers probably already lie, but which I can sometimes miss when I get caught up in the emotion of a moment. Ah, the human condition. You gotta love it, really.


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