Annual Magickal Planner -  2021

Annual Magickal Planner - 2021


Welcome to the Serenity Magickal Planner for 2021!

This is a downloadable planner, ready to print or edit on your device,* with an abundance of guides and activities to inject some magick into your year!

Each month's planner download includes....


Herbal Guides

Crystal Information

Activities for Lunar Practice

Lunar Cycle Information

Astrological Guides

Sabbat Celebration Ideas (when a Sabbat is within the month)

Book of Shadows Correspondences

Planner Pages (obviously)


Many of the pages can be kept for future use, added to your Book of Shadows, Grimoire or journal.

By purchasing the annual planner you are saving 33% on the month cost!


We use Xodo for Android to edit, a free app on Play Store.Apple has similar apps such as Zoom Notes.

  • Download Information

    Your planner is a digital download in PDF format that can be printed once saved to your device. The link to download your planner is available for 30 days from purchase. 
    Digital purchases are non-refundable.

  • Annual Purchases

    You are buying the remaining 11-month planner and will receive each month's download on the 15th of the month before.
    e.g. March's planner will be in your email inbox on Febuary 15th.

    Please advise us of any change of email address to ensure you receive your download. 

    If you wish to cancel your purchase of month's not yet received, you will be charged for each month received at the rate of £2.99 a month. This will be deducted from the annual charge of £22.00. 

    Cancellations are not accepted after July 15th 2021. 

  • Printing Guide

    We recommend you print two sheets to a page, to make it the equivalent of an A5 planner. If your printer allows you can also print duplex so that you save paper! 
    Of course, you may want LOTS of space on each day of your planner, so if you want to print one page to an A4, then you go right ahead and do that. :)

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