Aura Cleansing Crystal Set

Aura Cleansing Crystal Set


Clear your auric field, releasing those energies you may have 'collected' from other people during the day, with this set of beautiful crystals.
We all pick up energies from others, regardless of whether they're positive or negative, and they can affect us in any number of ways.
Using this layout you may ease feelings of lethargy, low mood and imbalance, replacing them with vitality, clarity and a calm mind.


The crystal set contains

  • 4 selenite tumblestones
  • 1 smokey quartz tumblestone
  • storage pouch
  • instructions for the layout


* Crystal sets are no substitute for the help of a health professional. If you are feeling unwell, physically or mentally, Serenity suggest you contact your GP and get a referral to the appropriate services you may need. Crystals are amazing but are only part of the healing journey.

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