Bespoke Crystal Healing Set

Bespoke Crystal Healing Set


I absolutely LOVE to do personalised crystal sets. It gives me such a wonderful feeling to know that the crystals have been selected with you in mind, and for your own very specific intention. And I always add a little magick and Reiki to the mix too, for good measure.

  • Do you feel the need to have a set designed for something close to your heart?
  • Or as a gift for someone special who may be dealing with challenging times?

To have a set created for you or someone you know, simply tell me a little bit about your needs in the notes section when completing your order.
If there are any issues with that, or you have lots more to tell me than space will allow, you can always use our contact form to add more detail. The more the better!

The crystals are presented in a pouch with instructions for use.


Each set will be entirely unique but will contain at least 3 crystals. More often than not it's 4-5.


* Crystal sets are not a substitute for professional, medical, or mental health care - they are complementary. Consult your health care professional before changing any medication you may be taking.

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