Tiger's Eye - Blue

Tiger's Eye - Blue


Blue tigers eye tumbled stone.

* Price is for one crystal.

Colour, size, and shape will vary due to the beauty of Mother Nature.


Approx. size 1.5cm


Also known as Hawk's Eye, blue tiger's eye is a stone for relaxation and calm. It works well with easing anxiety and depression, and enhances clarity of mind, giving you an insight into the good and bad of your experiences. Like all Tiger's Eye stones, it is grounding and protective, strengthening your personal power. It protects whilst astral traveling and helps with developing your psychic ability. On a physical level, it assists with hormone balancing, making it a useful crystal for those going through menopause, HRT, or those trying to conceive. Also like other tiger's eyes, it is a stone of abundance and good fortune and is well-placed in a cash register or your wallet!

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