Bumblebee Jasper Mini Crescent Moon

Bumblebee Jasper Mini Crescent Moon

Bumblebee Jasper Mini Crescent Moon
These stunning bumblebee jasper crescent moons have been handcarved by independent stonemason, Andri, in West Java, Indonesia, using locally sourced jasper.

Each measures approx. 3.5cm x 3cm x 0.3cm

A great crystal for self-esteem, and for those times when you need to make practical decisions without the influence of emotion. Bringing confidence, it helps us through times of change, and can often help us to come across new opportunities. 
A combination of hematite, sulphur and volcanic matter, the beautiful colour is created by the sulphur. It's a crystal that needs to be handled with care, keeping it away from water, and washing hands after use. 
Freeing blockages from the sacral and solar plexus chakra, it's a very useful crystal when you're lacking in inspiration, and helps us to manifest those things we have a passion for.
* The crystal you select is the one you will receive.

Size, colour and shape will vary due to the beauty of mother nature.
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