Calming Synergy Oil

Calming Synergy Oil

Calming Synergy Magickal Essential Oil

Created on the full moon, this calming synergy oil is perfect for when your nerves are frayed or you need to have a conversation that will be difficult. 

* For best results:
Use in an oil burner or diffuser when your nerves are shot, or you feel depression taking over. 
As an anointing oil for yourself, add 4 drops to 15ml of carrier oil. 

For anointing candles, yourself, for use in a circle, or in an oil burner or diffuser.
This is a pure essential oil. Dilute in a carrier oil before applying to the skin or anointing candles. 

Contains roman chamomile, melissa and rosemary essential oils. 
Available in 3ml or 10ml bottles.

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