Cintamani Stone

Cintamani Stone


Cintamani stone tumbled stone.


* Price is for one crystal.

Colour, size, and shape will vary due to the beauty of Mother Nature.


Approx. size of CS1 is 1cm

Approx. size of CS2 is 1.8cm


The Cintamani stone is considered a sacred stone and so rare that few people have seen it. Some believe it is a mythical stone whose reference can be found in religious writings, while others believe in its existence. The fact that references from Cintamanu can be found in both Hindu and Buddhist literature indicates that it's a stone that is highly appreciated and respected. The most common reference about Cintamani is that it's a gift to earth from the skies. It is said that the Cintamani stone came from the Sirius star system some millions of years ago. It happened during a galactic superwave when a planet that was orbiting Sirius A exploded and flew in all directions. Some of these fragments reached the Earth after travelling through interstellar space. The stone is so rare that throughout history and mythology only a handful of people have been known to possess it. Also known as Saffordite, Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote in one his books about the relocation of a very important 'extraterrestrial' crystal that in short will contribute to the change of energy on earth from male Tinto female. This stone is activated as a receiver of the cosmic rays, to stabilise the etheric grid of the earth. Currently, the stone is a receiver and transducer for the energies of the galactic central sun so that all life forms on earth can raise their vibration. Balancing your energy fields, it acts as an anchor of a specific frequency harmonic that will stabilise your multi-dimensional light body and translate into harmonious feelings and a state of calm and wellbeing. It helps dissolve all forms of darkness into light and helps with pure intentions and clarity of mind, helping you to live from the heart. It is also helpful in harmonising electromagnetic pollution around you.

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