Headache Oil Blend - Remain Calm

Headache Oil Blend - Remain Calm

This combination of Melissa, chamomile and neroli soothes the nerves and relieves tension that may be the cause of your headaches.
10ml bottle with dropper cap. 

How to use this pure essential oil blend.....
Put a few drops into a diffuser or oil burner and allow the aromas to infuse your space in the morning or when your mood needs a lift.

Safety precautions:
Do not use the oil blend on the skin without first diluting. This blend is a pure essential oil blend and can cause irritation to the skin if not properly diluted.
Do not use on children without guidance from a qualified aromatherapist.
Do not take internally.
Keep away from the eyes.
Do not place the bottle on polished surfaces.
Keep away from children.

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