Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli


Approx. size 1.5cm.


Price is for one crystal.

* Size, colour, patterning and shape will vary.


Lapis encourages self-awareness, reveals your inner truth, provides the personality with compassion, honesty and morality, and helps us to speak our truth with confidence. One of the most sought after stones since man's history began, it is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. It's formed of a combination of minerals including pyrite, calcite, sodalite and of course lazulite. It's an excellent stone for enhancing our intellectual ability, and aids the process of learning. Great for memory! It brings relief for things that may have been suppressed, allowing them to surface to help relieve dis-ease or repressed anger. Used by healers and priests, it was heralded for its power to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It also proves useful as a protective stone against psychic attack, returning it to its source.

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