Obsidian - Black

Obsidian - Black


Approx. size 2-3.5cm.


Price is for one crystal.

* Size, colour, patterning and shape will vary.


Known as a bit of a 'psychic vacuum cleaner', obsidian is the stone for you if you're looking for a deep cleanse of your subtle and psychic energies. Often used in scrying, black obsidian is strongly linked with the concept of the darkness and helps us identify our dark side. From here we can shine a light on our darker side, clearing away negativity, and see that both light and dark must co-exist in harmony. An extremely good grounding and protection stone, obsidian restores the root chakra, strengthening our connection to the earth. If you find yourself overwhelmed with decisions, information, and don't quite know which road to take, meditating with obsidian will help to bring calming balance, clarity of mind, and show you the way forward.

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