Jasper - Polychrome

Jasper - Polychrome


Polychrome jasper tumbled stone.


* Price is for one crystal.

Size, patterning, colour, and shape will vary due to the beauty of mother nature.


Approx. 2-2.5cm


Sometimes known as Desert Jasper, polychromic jasper was accidentally discovered in 2008 in Madagascar. This is a stone that truly helps us to destress. It helps us to find inner balance in whatever environment you find yourself in. It is a crystal that is here to serve you and does so by encouraging your mindset to be ahead of your physical being. Our mind helps us to get where we want to go, far more easily than our body does. Connecting with any jasper is like connecting with the earth's energy directly. It roots us and uplifts our life force, reigniting that spark within. Anything is possible with this crystal, and it reminds us that we are our own creator.

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