Approx. size 2cm.


Price is for one crystal.

* Size, colour, patterning and shape will vary.


A true converter of vibration, prasiolite works on raising our vibrations and turning low energy into high energy. Prasiolite is a beautiful crystal that is also known as amegreen, veregreen, lime citrine and green amethyst. It is a stone of intuitive capability. It inspires success, prosperity and abundance and helps to keep the body balanced. Most prasiolite is heat treated amethyst, some is irradiated amethyst, and small amount of prasiolite is au natural, heated by the earth itself to change the colour of amethyst to this beautiful green. It does not detract from its beauty, and certainly not its healing energies, as we combine the amazing energies of quartz, amethyst and citrine. A wonderful stone that can take away brain fog, ignite love within you, and to help you with self-confidence.

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