Rays of Calm - Meditations for Teens

Rays of Calm - Meditations for Teens


Total running time: About 52 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Relax and let go 4.32
2 Pebbles 3.30
3 Floating cloud 7.26
4 Forest lake 4.11
5 Mountain 5.48
6 Body scan 8.12
7 Tropical island 4.45
8 Worry tree 4.29
9 Progressive relaxation 5.02
10 Neighbourhood 4.21

On the outside cover Relaxation techniques and visualisations designed to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing to help teenagers deal with stress. 
(This CD can be used at home or as a teaching resource to help teenagers relax)

On the inside cover:
"I was very anxious during my exams and this CD helped me to feel less stressed and much calmer about everything." - Alya, 14

"We listen to the CD at the end of yoga class and it helps me relax and let go of my worries." - Sarah, 15

"Rays of Calm" can be used to

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Help you to feel good about yourself
  • Release physical tension and relax
  • Help you sleep more peacefully

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