Red Jasper Gem Chip Bracelet

Red Jasper Gem Chip Bracelet


Beautiful red jasper gem chip bracelet with stretch elastic fitting.


Red jasper sustains the energies of those who are in the process of healing. It's a stone of endurance, a talisman or warriors, or protection, and life. It brings physical strength, energy, and focus, whilst the steady frequency of its vibration calms the emotional body. This allows for a more stable environment within, to improve overall health, and follow things through to completion. It is the ultimate worry stone and is marvelous for clearing the mind during meditation. It can reactivate a love for life when one is feeling particularly unemotional or apathetic, and spiritually disconnected. A wonderful stone for awakening Kundalini energy, it infuses each Chakra with Life Force energies.


One size fits most.

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