Reiki Starlight

Reiki Starlight


Total running time: 50.52 minutes
Total CDs: 1

This special Music album is divided into two 25 minute timed sections and can be used by individuals or collectively by many Reiki healers working together focussing on the same recipient. It can also be used for Reiki treatments.

1. Reiki Starlight Part 1
2. Reiki Starlight Part 2

They say. Reiki energy is not restricted by distance or time. It can be guided to any part of the Universe. Popular Reiki composer Llewellyn (Reiki Gold) has composed music to help enhance Reiki distant healing. The spaciousness and ethereal music textures of Reiki Starlight not only create the perfect calming environment for healing but essentially support the visualization process of sending out universal energy to heal the intended person, animal or situation like a bridge between Time and Space.

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