Rubellite in Lepidolite

Rubellite in Lepidolite


Rubellite in Lepidolite tumbled stone.


* Price is for one crystal.

Colour, size, and shape will vary due to the beauty of Mother Nature.


Approx. size 2cm


Rubellite vibrates in line with the heart Chakra and helps us to understand love, opening the heart to know and accept universal and unconditional love. Helping us to overcome fears and the limitations we put on ourselves, it also connects with the base Chakra in support of feelings such as abundance, survival and safety. It helps to release feelings of grief, transmuting them into joy, allowing us to find that spark for life once again. Lepidolite too, is a stone of love, and brings calming energies, transmuting all those negative emotional and behavioural patterns into something much more positive. Because it contains a high concentration of lithium, it's also a great stone for relieving stress and depression. When I pick up this stone, I just get an overwhelming sense of love, calm, feeling 'in place', and would highly recommend it for anyone who just feels like they often don't 'belong'.

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