Scheelite Lace (Lapis Lace)

Scheelite Lace (Lapis Lace)


Scheelite lace tumbled stone.


* Price is for one crystal.

Colour, size, and shape will vary due to the beauty of Mother Nature.


Approx. size 3cm.


A new find in 2018, Scheelite is ethically mined in Turkey and are Fair Trade. Its cleansing energy provides clarity of thought, clearing mental fog and allowing for more creativity and getting organised! It keeps negative energies away from us, and allows us to see the best in others, as well as in ourselves, enhancing respect and compassion for self. This is an excellent crystal for those who have lost hope, for those who have a big heart but struggle to get their positive intentions out into the world. Making us more aware of our psychic abilities, it helps to balance our inner self with our higher self, and can bring heightened states of awareness during meditation. Often known as Lapis Lace Onyx, though nobody actually knows why, as it doesn't have a trace of lapis or onyx in it. Strange but true. :)

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