Solar Quartz

Solar Quartz


Pink Solar Quartz A combination of polished and natural, with one side polished to being out the amazing growth patterns.


Each measures approx. 1.5-2cm x 1.5-2cm x 0.5cm


* The crystal you choose is the one you'll receive. If you'd like exact measurements for any of the pieces just get in touch.


Solar quartzes are extremely protective of our body and mind, rebalancing our energy fields and encouraging us to feel centred. Because of these properties it's often found helpful for those who deal with vertigo or headaches, and migraines. It generates a wonderful vibration of emotional strength, lifting the mood and allowing us to detach from the negativity in our lives. Like all quartzes, it also generates a protective shield around us creating a place where we can aspire to good health and positivity.

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