Serenity's Complete Lunar Cycle Companion Box

Serenity's Complete Lunar Cycle Companion Box


When purchasing this product you are pre-ordering for the New cycle beginning on April 12th 2021.
You will receive your lunar box the week before the new moon!



▫️ Do you struggle with magickal workings through a full lunar cycle?

▫️Does your new moon start off as it should, with good intentions, but by the full moon you realise life has got in the way and you've not planned anything?

▫️Do you forget to focus on the waning moon because it somehow feels 'less important' than the new and full moon?

▫️Do you maybe have a plan but then realise too late that you don't have the ingredients or tools you need to make it happen?


Perhaps you would benefit from.....

✨ Crystals to work with through each full lunar cycle

✨ Incenses and oils to use for your intentions, anointing,

✨ Ritual goodies to attract or banish fitting for each phase of the moon

✨ Suggestions for incantations, affirmations, and meditations

✨ Quick video-guides to show you how to use your goodies, direct to your email

✨ Support online throughout the cycle

✨ Includes the May 2021 Magickal Planner download, absolutely FREE!


Serenity's Lunar Cycle boxes give you guides to each of the four main phases of the lunar cycle, from the new moon, through the first quarter crescent, to the full moon, and last quarter crescent.

Each lunar cycle box will be unique, as we journey through the wheel of the year, making use of rituals, spells, and meditations, with additional guides to the eight Sabbats of the year.


* NEW *

Now, also included in our lunar box, is one month of our Magickal Planner! You'll receive the planner download for the month that is due to be released. It won't cover the entire lunar cycle, but it WILL help you plan your practice for a full calendar month.


* To be ready for the next lunar cycle, you must place your order at least 14 days before the new moon cycle begins.

* Purchases made less than 14 days before the next cycle, will be fulfilled for the cycle that follows.

* Orders will be dispatched the week before the new moon to ensure they reach you in good time.


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