Tree of Life Enlightened Display

Tree of Life Enlightened Display

SKU: BA742

Elegant flower of life T-Light and incense holder with frosted glass screen decorated with a gold symbol, simple gravel display and sturdy heavy resin base. This neat little gift set can help to create a wonderful tranquil mood. When a candle is lit, the light projects through the frosted glass plate to create delicate patterns on the wall.
Includes frosted glass plate, the resin base, a small pack of gravel and a simple 'pebble' stick incense holder.

The base has a large foam pad to prevent scratching polished surfaces and further smaller pads to help secure the glass plate into the base.

Sorry, T-Lights and stick incense are not included.

Approx: 11.5cm × 11.5cm × 4cm
Glass Screen measures: 10cm² 
Origin: Indonesia

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