Trial Crystal Subscription Box

Trial Crystal Subscription Box


Love crystals, and all things connected with crystals?
Our subscription boxes are a great way to get a bunch of new crystals and other goodies on a regular basis from Serenity.
There are 3 different packages available, details of each are listed below.
This is a trial box, so no subscription is required to purchase this box. If you like, then we will send you a link to set up the subscription and you can opt to receive monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. This allows you to receive these goodies at a time and budget to suit you.

Crystal of the Month Box
Each month we'll have a specific crystal, and you box will include:

  • Samples of the crystal
  • Information on the crystal benefits
  • Guidance on how to use the crystal
  • Supporting items to help you get the best from your crystal
  • An item to cleanse and/or charge your crystal

Trial Box Cost: £20

Chakra Box

The perfect box to bring some balance into your life, this box includes:

  • A selection of crystals to work directly with one or more Chakras
  • A guide to balancing your Chakras using the crystals included in the box
  • Other supporting items to enhance the use of your crystals or to use in their own right, which may include oils, jewellery, tea blends, bath salts
  • An item to cleanse and/or charge your crystals

Trial Box Cost: £25


Mindfully Healing Box
This box expands beyond crystals, and includes other gorgeous spiritually focused items to bring a little more positive energy and balance into your life. It includes:

  • A selection of crystals including information on their benefits
  • 3-5 other items that can be used to support a sense of wellbeing and balance
  • An essential oil including a guide on how to use it effectively
  • A piece of jewellery
  • An item to cleanse and/or charge your crystal

Trial Box Cost: £30

All boxes include tracked delivery.
Orders received by the 1st of the month will be dispatched on the 14th.

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