SKU: tum_unakite
Unakite tumbled stone.
An amazing crystal that is often underused, unakite is a healing crystal for the heart and mind bringing love, compassion and kindness. Due to the ability to balance the emotional body, it can work on building harmonious relationships where there may be struggles. Also, a good crystal for those that are having long-term illness, the earth energy that the crystal emits builds strength and vitality within the body. A stone of addiction, if you've been dealing with drugs, smoking, drinking, over-eating or other such problems, this is the crystal of choice.
Not only does it have all of these wonderful properties, but it's also a stone of vision and helps us to enhance visualisation and psychism. 

* Price is for one crystal.
Colour, size and shape will vary due to the beauty of Mother Nature.
Approx. size 2cm.

Image Credit: Fan Fu Photography

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