Vanilla & Honey 100% Natural Body and Foot Scrub from Our Tiny Bees at Serenity

Vanilla & Honey Body Scrub from Our Tiny Bees


We thought 'all natural skin smoothing polish, packed full of British honey that leaves you exfoliated and moisturised, all in one go' was far too long for a name so we settled on 'Vanilla & honey body scrub'.

Gently polishes, and moisturises in one - twice the pampering in half the time - our Almond oil base means you don't need to moisturise after your shower / bath - we just saved you five mins!



Our Tiny Bees Honey - acts as a natural moisture retainer.
Sugar - Exfoliates gently without damaging the skin.
Almond oil - Rich in vitamins A, E and D, and also contains linoleic and oleic acids.

260ml glass jar

We use this for the foot soak and scrub element of our reflexology treatments by the way. That's how much we LOVE it!

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