Yerba Santa Smudge

Yerba Santa Smudge

Yerba Santa Smudge Stick

The yerba Santa sage is also known as "holy herb". It has a sweet and illuminating scent but can smell a bit bitter as well. It has many positive effects on the body and mind.
The yerba Santa sage has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes in America during rituals. The sage is mainly burned for spiritual reasons. It attracts love, growth, clarification and positivity. It also relieves the heart chakra from the stored pain and suffering. In addition, the yerba santa sage is also good for respiratory problems. But make sure that there is enough fresh air during the burning ritual.

Approximate length 10cm
  • Safety Guidelines

    A lit stick or piece of sage bundle should never be left burning while unattended.  Care should be used at all times and when extinguishing smouldering sticks.

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