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Hi, I'm Kat, the founder of Serenity, and the creator of Serenity Crystal Subscription!

I've worked with crystals for over 15 years, both personally and professionally, offering healing sessions to clients and training to students from many different walks of life.

Crystals find you when you need them most, and I know from my own experiences that when they do find you they can have quite an amazing impact on your life!

I also know how challenging it can be to remember just what each crystal is for, how to use it, and that it's easy to feel lost in a sea of information on the internet that somehow doesn't always resonate with you.

Being a busy businesswoman, mother, and wife, and dealing with my own health issues, including mental health challenges along the way, I've found crystals to be an immense support and I'd love to share what I've learned over the years, with you.

Love, Kat

How can I help?

Crystal Email Subscription

Crystal eBooks - An Introduction to Crystal Therapy

  • My crystal email subscription offers weekly emails with downloadable guides, information on a wide variety of crystals, and the option to receive crystals straight to your door each month too!
  • This is an easy, affordable option to gain useful information and guidance which you can collect for future reference.
  • With 3 levels of subscription, there's something for every budget.
  • Suited for total beginners, this series of ebooks is designed to give you all the guidance I've provided over 15 years of therapies, workshops, and training, in bite-size chunks that make learning easy and affordable.
  • The first series of ebooks are aimed at complete beginner's, however even you have worked with crystals on a very personal level, you could find they support your development further.
  • With each new ebook, you'll discover more ways you can use crystals, for yourself, your family and friends, and for clients.

Crystal Email Subscriptions

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Crystal eBooks

I also offer a series of 'Beginner's Guide' eBooks, aimed at guiding you through the vast amount of information you can find on the subject of crystal healing, in bite-size chunks. 
Each guide contains valuable information on how to work with crystals, from the perspective of someone who really did learn it all from scratch, in any spare moment I could find.
I spent time, effort, and money, oh my goodness, vast amounts of money seeking the answer for my own health issues using crystals. I was often given lists of crystals that were the 'right' ones for me and my problems, but found they didn't feel right or were unattainable, and that I just didn't feel this magical connection people were talking about. Ultimately, I opted to go with my own instinct and developed a way that worked for me, finally experiencing that 'ahh' moment, and more importantly, massive improvements in my health and well-being.

I was so eager to share my new understanding, that I began running workshops, then wrote an entire Diploma course, and have spent countless hours chatting with people about how they too can develop their own way of working with crystals.

It is this that I'd like to share with you in this new series of guidebooks. 
Available online from Serenity for the first time, and very important to me, they are priced to be accessible for all.

So if you're just starting out on your crystal journey, or you have collected crystals for some time but never really known what to do with them, these guides may help you find the confidence, and the insight you've been missing, to really work with crystals effectively.
Are you ready?

Kat x

Beginner's Guide to Crystals - Choosing
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Introduction to the Seven Major Chakras.
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